This organic thing might actually work!

So, in the past week I have worked in the garden twice, weeding and thinning and replanting some things that washed away the first time.  Whew…weeding.  It makes me tired just typing the word.  I have been on my hands and knees pulling weeds by hand, but I know it will pay off in the end.  My Cherokee Purple tomato plant looks great!  I have two tomatoes that are ripening and will be ready for me to enjoy very soon.  My Sungold tomato plant has somewhere around 7-8 tomatoes on it now, as do several of my other heirloom plants.  Looks like this garden will be fruitful after all!

I picked lots of basil today, three different kinds, and some flat leaf parsley.  I’m super excited about this Lime Basil that I picked today for the first time.  I got it at Tune Farm when I went a few weeks ago.  They said they used it to make this delicious limeade which they infused with lime basil…they said it was delicious!  I’m anxious to try out this recipe, and if it works out, I’ll share it on here.  Enjoy looking at how beautiful this stuff is.  It looks good and it’s good for you!

I thinned out my corn today, meaning that I removed some of the stalks from my intended overplanting.  I wanted to be sure something sprouted up, so I planted too much, which means some of it had to go.  I have planted Silver Queen corn, which is supposed to be super sweet.  A dog, or some other type of animal, has trampled some of my corn, so in some spots, I had to pull all of it because it had become completely uprooted.  Bummer.

If anyone knows anything about bell pepper plants, I need some advice.  Last year, I unsuccessfully attempted to plant bell peppers in pots.  Bad idea.  They failed miserably.  So my thinking is that if I get bell pepper plants in healthy soil and feed them with the worm castings that they will produce.  They’ve had the same effects as if they were in pots.  One of my plants sprouted a bell pepper and I have tended to that thing like a baby.  I go out there the other day and the pepper has fallen off and was starting to rot prior to falling off.  So discouraging!  What can I do to have these bell pepper plants be successful?  Advice, anyone!

More advice…composting.  I have a compost tumbler that I and my mother-in-law have been adding to for about a month and a half.  We only put fruits and vegetables in there, and I have added a good deal of grass clippings from mowing our lawn.  I have also added a compost starter to the bin, which supposedly was going to help the compost get going a lot quicker and I could apply it sooner than with normal decomposition.  What is in there now is the most disgusting, goopy glob mess I have ever seen.  It does not look even close to anything that should go on plants to make them healthy or improve the soil.  It is slimy and black and full of bugs, which I guess isn’t a bad thing.  My mother-in-law read somewhere that if it is goopy like it is now, it means there have been too many nitrogen-rich ingredients added to it and to add newspaper or leaves to the bin to balance it out.  Anyone have this experience or know of a remedy?  I want to add this compost to the garden, but not how it is now.  It just doesn’t look normal.

I walked through the garden today feeling so proud of the state that it’s in now.  I feel so accomplished that this is working out…that I’ll get to eat what I grew.  I wanted this chemical-free way to work so badly, and it looks like it just might.  I’m hoping to add some more flowering plants to the garden next month to ward off any bugs that might try to make their way in now that it’s getting so hot outside.  The marigolds are working well so far, but it’s not summer yet.  Any other advice anyone can offer on companion planting is welcomed.

This crazy girl right here is gonna be drinking my raw milk and eating my organic tomatoes and will be all the better for it!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi! Found you through Cheeseslave.

    It sounds like you need a ton more brown material for your compost pile. The best thing you can add is shredded fall leaves, and use way less grass clippings and green waste.

    I’m really looking forward to reading more!


    • Ok, that makes it much more clear…brown material. I just couldn’t figure out what else to put in there. I read something about leaves and newspaper (no colored ink) to make it more balanced, so I will definitely be giving this a try and will let you know how it works out. Thank you for the advice!

      Thanks for reading my blog…I want to get feedback and help from whoever can help! Eager to learn!


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